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EPDM vs. TPO: Which One Is Better?

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and thermoplastic olefin (TPO) are two of the most sought-after single-ply membrane materials in America. While they both make reliable flat roofs, they have become popular for different reasons.
EPDM vs. TPO: Which One Is Better?

  • It Is Economical – It’s the most affordable solution on the market.
  • It Has a Proven Reputation for Durability – Do not think that EPDM is not of good quality because of its low price. Some of the first single-ply membranes to hit the market were made of this material. Being around for decades, it has a solid track record for longevity. It owes its durability to its excellent resistance to membrane fatigue, heat and fire, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, hail and many other structural threats.
  • It Is Painless to Install and Maintain – EPDM roofing membranes do not require special equipment for installation, reducing the labor cost necessary to apply them, which also contributes to their affordability. Although they need maintenance more frequently as they age, their upkeep is not as demanding.


  • It Offers Superior Break Resistance – Weather resistance is one of the main selling points of TPO.
  • It Is Highly Energy-efficient – Another reason why TPO has been gaining traction over the past years is its exceptional thermal properties. TPO membranes reflect a ton of solar heat to stay cool, which helps reduce the air conditioning needs of a building.
  • It Is Constantly Evolving – TPO is relatively new, so improvements to its formulation is still ongoing. In other words, this material continues to get better with time, thanks to the commitment of its manufacturers to research and development.

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