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Details That Need to Be in Every Homeowner’s Roofing File

Keeping a roofing file can help you make informed decisions about your roof. A roofing file contains vital information about your roof, from its warranties right down to its history of roof inspections. Contractors need such info to determine the current state of your roof. 

Basic Roof Info 

A roofing file should contain the dimensions and the type of roofing system your home has. Your roof’s basic info should also include any noteworthy remarks made by contractors during previous inspections. Roofing Materials 

Details regarding the materials used to make your roofing membrane as well as your roof’s other components can come in handy during a re-roofing or roof repair project. Include the name of the manufacturer; using the same brand for re-roofing projects can help keep the quality of your roof consistent. Warranty Info 

National brands and large manufacturers like GAF usually offer special warranties for roofing systems or gutters installed by certified contractors. Keep all the relevant documentation in a roofing file. Maintenance Receipts 

Keep in mind that failure to maintain your roof may void your warranty, not to mention your insurance coverage. The receipts serve as proof your roof was well maintained before it was damaged.  Inspection Reports 

As the frequency of roof inspections can be tracked through these receipts, you need to have a set schedule for inspections and maintenance work. The results of previous roof inspections give contractors an idea on which parts of your roof haven’t been thoroughly inspected yet, helping them pinpoint roof damage faster and more efficiently. A Trusted Contractor’s Contact Details 

You never know when you’ll have a roofing emergency, so it’s a good idea to include a trusted contractor’s contact details in the roofing file. 

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