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Dealing With Hail-Damaged Roofing

Hail and Minneapolis go together like sunshine and Florida. In fact, there have been eight hail storms reported in the state in 2019 so far. This means homeowners (and roofing professionals) must always be wary of hail damage on roofing systems. Unfortunately, this type of problem is hardly visible and can remain undetectable for a while until the time comes when your roof begins to leak.

So, what can you do to avoid the most common types of hail-related damage on your roof?

Be Prepared

While the storms themselves are unpredictable, they more or less only happen during certain seasons (fall and winter). That’s why it’s important to have your roofing system ready for these times. Schedule a professional inspection at the beginning of the colder months. This will help identify potential problem areas that might cause your roof to fail after a storm.

Signs of Hail Damage

The impact caused by hail can be tough to see from the ground. Binoculars can help a little bit, but should you decide to take a closer look, always practice caution when getting up on high places. Hail damage can also present itself as black spots on asphalt shingles. In extreme cases, individual tabs may even get knocked off their nails, exposing the vulnerable underlayment underneath.

Post-Storm Inspections

Some roofs like metal roofing are more resistant to impact damage and can take a storm or two before showing signs of a problem. However, for asphalt shingles, slate, shakes or any other materials, it’s recommended to have a professional inspect your roof as soon as the storm passes, even when you’re not seeing outright leaks, so you don’t get caught off-guard when damage manifests in the future.

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