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Custom Metal Roofing: Increasing Your Home’s Unique Appeal

Many contractors offer metal roofing as a viable solution for homeowners looking to improve their home. Indeed, the material exhibits undeniable qualities, from resistance to fire, ease of installation because it’s lightweight, energy efficiency and longevity.

While metal roofs are available in standard cuts and sizes, you can also get a custom metal roof to better match your architectural needs.
The Value of Customization
Metal is a malleable material, which means it can be bent or hammered into many shapes without losing its durability. It’s this property that allows homeowners to take advantage of customization should they pursue the material as their roofing choice.
Aside from typical metal roofing, contractors like Garlock-French Corporation also offer custom sheet metal for architectural purposes. Here, a large selection of metals can be chosen depending on the scope and needs of the project. These include copper, zinc and aluminum, among others. They are then customized based on the homeowners’ specifications.
Benefits of a Customized Metal Roof
Once installed, a custom metal roof can give the home or any structure unparalleled beauty and appeal, and much more. Like a regular standing seam or shingle metal roof, it creates a seamless fit with the other roof components, including gutters.
Moreover, it doesn’t require that much maintenance given its durability and weather resistance. In addition, it can save homeowners up to 40% of their annual energy costs due to its ability to reduce heat transfer on the roof’s reflective surface.
To learn more about custom metal roofing, contact the experts at Garlock-French Corporation. We take pride in providing long-lasting solutions. Aside from this, we also provide gutter installation and masonry and chimney repair.
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