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Commercial and Residential Roofs: What’s the Difference?

People often think that all roofs are the same, whether it’s the one on top of your home or the one protecting the store across your neighborhood. Here’s the thing, though: no two roofs are the same, especially if you’re comparing residential types with commercial ones.

What is it that makes commercial and residential roofing designs different? The folks here at Garlock-French Corporation have been working on all types of roof designs, and here’s what we, as experts, have to say:
There’s a Difference in Priority When It Comes to Design
The most obvious difference between commercial and residential roofs is the design. Most residential roofs, for example, have a steep slope, unlike the flat roofing of commercial buildings. Moreover, homeowners place great importance on design because the roof is the biggest asset that other people will see.
The Materials Used Are Not the Same
Roofers choose materials based on several factors: the type of roof, overall home design, the life expectancy of the roof, the climate of the area and costs. When you work with our experts, we’ll recommend the right materials that fit your roofing specifications.
Installation Processes Are Different
As most homes have steep-sloped roofs, they need an underlayment to prevent water entry before the main material is installed. This may not be applicable for commercial roofs, which makes it difficult to prevent water from pooling.
Maintenance Is Different
Maintenance requirements of commercial and residential roofs also differ. As commercial roofing has a flat design, it’s often easier to work on it. The sheer pitch of residential roofs, on the other hand, requires the hands of professionals – and that’s where we can help.
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