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Can a Solar Panel Installation Void Your Roofing Warranty?

Some roofing systems like metal roofing are sturdy enough to hold several solar panels. However, regardless of whether your roof is strong enough or not, installing a solar power system on the roof involves drilling holes on the actual roof, and the first question that comes to the minds of almost every homeowner is, “Will this void my roofing warranty?”

Warranty information can be long and difficult to understand, but reading it from cover to cover is the best way to be certain, especially since terms and coverages can vary from one home to another.

When to Get Solar Panels

The best time to put up solar panels is when you’re getting a brand-new roofing system. Installing 25-year solar panels on a roof with 10 or fewer years left on its lifespan is not a good idea. Additionally, the sheer weight of the added system can have a detrimental effect on the roof assembly and might even cause your roof to fail.

Will It Void Your Warranty?

Solar panels are held a few inches above the roofing shingles by a racking system. This rack is fastened to the roof deck through holes drilled on the shingles. Solar installers will always follow manufacturer recommendations during the installation process. Safety precautions like installing flashing and weatherproof seals are then put into place to prevent problems with leaks. When done properly, solar panel installations should not void your warranty.

Talk to the Experts

Of course, you can also be 100% sure about your roofing warranty by directly asking your contractor and the manufacturer. Give them a call, and consult with them about their rules and regulations regarding the installation of extra structures on top of their products.

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