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A Visual Inspection Can Help Prevent Big Roof Leaks

Leaks in your roofing are probably the most dangerous problem it will ever face because of how subtle they are. You’ll never really know if your roof has a leak until it’s turned into a bigger and more expensive problem, and by then, any preventive actions you could’ve taken will be ineffective. Read on as Garlock-French Corporation discusses how an in-depth visual inspection can help prevent roof leaks.

Roof Leaks

Professional Roof Inspection

Our team highly recommends having us do the inspection for you. The problem with roof leaks is that they’re very deceptive, and you can never really tell where they are originating from. You shouldn’t discount small leaks, either. These are the most dangerous since they can rapidly grow in size in just a couple of weeks due to a combination of heat and moisture damage.

Our roofing contractors offer in-depth roof inspection, and we’re skilled in identifying leaks that have the potential to damage your roofing extensively. It’s better to address these small leaks immediately since the cost to repair them is very small compared to what you’ll have to pay for bigger repair work.

Gutter Maintenance

The gutters may seem like an optional component of your roofing, but they actually play a vital role in protecting your roofing from water damage. If you want to prevent leaks from forming on your roof, we suggest you regularly clean your gutters. Blockages cause water to spill out from the gutters and prevent them from flowing properly away from the house. Large blockages also put unnecessary weight on the roof line, which aggravates existing leaks.

Is It Time To Switch Roofing?

Our team suggests replacing your roof only when it’s nearing the end of its operating life span. For an asphalt shingle roof, you should consider replacement once it’s reached its 20th year. If you’ve reached this point, we suggest going with a more sturdy roofing material. Metal roofing isn’t just physically stronger than asphalt, it also has superior elemental resistance which means leaks are a very rare occurrence.

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