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A Brief Look at Iconic Metal Roofs Throughout History

Metal roofing, though not generally regarded as a traditional roofing type, has a long and rich history. In fact, you’d be surprised at the number of historical structures with metal roofs. Let’s take a trip down history lane and look at some of the most iconic metal roofs.

Iconic Metal Roofs

The Slate Roof House

This house belonged to William Penn, built in the late 1600s. It remained standing for well over two centuries until it was finally demolished in 1867. In this house, Penn wrote the “Charter of Privileges”, which later served as the model for the United States Constitution.

Christ Church

The Christ Church is another iconic building with metal roofing. Although it didn’t originally feature copper roofing, this Philadelphia landmark goes as far back as 1695. Copper roofing with standing seams was subsequently added by the year 1727. This structure served as the very first parish of the Church of England. Later on, it eventually gave birth to the American Episcopal Church.

The Pantheon If you think metal roofing is a modern invention, think again. The Pantheon, one of the few surviving buildings from the Roman Empire, had a copper dome as roofing.It was built in 27 BC. It is a testament to the longevity of metal roofing.

Nassau Hall

Though it didn’t originally feature metal roofing, Princeton’s “Nassau Hall” was augmented with it after a great fire in 1802. This storied structure had seen its fair share of history and survived the ravages of the American Revolutionary War, notably during the Battle of Princeton in 1777. By 1783, it housed the entire American government.

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