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6 Myths about Metal Roofing—Debunked!

With all the benefits that metal roofing in Minneapolis offer, it naturally became an instant pick for many property owners. Metal roofs are known for their durability and lifespan—they can last up to 50 years. They are also lightweight, which helps in preserving the structural integrity of your house. As metal roofs become more popular these days, much unfounded information is also circulating.

As your local roofers, we at Garlock-French Corporation will help you debunk some of those myths:

Myth 1: You can’t walk on your metal roofing. Sure, metal roofs are made from light materials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t step on them. However, if you need roof cleaning, repair, and related work, simply turn to us for quality and hassle-free services. Hiring a professional contractor will ensure excellent roof work that you can trust.

Myth 2: Metal roofs are loud, especially during rainy days. During heavy rainstorms, it’s normal to hear noise with any kind of roofing, not just metal.According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), metal roofs are surprisingly more discreet than asphalt shingles, especially when a solid sheathing is installed.

Myth 3: Using metal roofs can increase your home’s chances of getting struck by lightning. Just because metal roofs are shiny doesn’t mean they are more susceptible to getting hit by lightning. Metal does conduct electricity, but lightning isn’t drawn to it. If ever your property is hit by lightning, though, your metal roof would be able to diffuse the energy safely.

Myth 4: A metal roof is more prone to hail damage. Perhaps, because of its weight and composition, many people think of metal roofing as weak. Still, you’d be shocked at how many houses with metal roofs survive extreme weather conditions, such as hail. Hail is a natural occurrence that is beyond your control,but having metal roofs won’t put your structure in greater risk.

Myth 5: Metal roofs rust five times faster than other metallic materials. The advancements in the roofing industry have paved the way to more robust and durable metal roofs. Manufacturers reinforce their metal roofs with metallic coatings made of zinc or with a combination of aluminum, according to the MRA. This method makes metal roofs invulnerable to rust and other elements.

Myth 6: Expect your metal roof to be colder in winter. As long as you have proper attic insulation, metal roofs, or any kind of material, for that matter, will have no effect on your indoor temperature. It’s the insulation beneath or above the floor of your attic that has the power to keep you dry and comfortable during winter.

These are only some of the prevalent metal roofing myths, and there’s probably more. Make sure you do your research and stay informed of the latest advancements in the industry to stay one step ahead. As your metal roofing MN experts, Garlock-French Corporation is your partner in getting top-notch roofing over your head. Just let us know how we can be of service today.

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