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5 Reasons Metal Roofs Are The Greenest Roofing Option

Sustainable living has proven to be more than just a fad, and now, with the right choice of building materials, anyone can contribute to reducing their home’s impact on the environment. Metal is becoming the go-to roofing material for environmentally conscious homeowners. Let us share why:

 Metal Roofs

  1. It’s recyclable – New steel and aluminum roofs contain as much as 30% recycled material while stainless steel can contain as much as 60%. The best thing about metal compared to other recyclable materials like plastic is that it doesn’t degrade with repeated recycling. Only a small fraction of discarded metal roofing ends up in landfills, slowing down landfill congestion.

  2. It can be installed on existing roof decks – Steel is much lighter than materials like tile or slate, which means that, barring structural problems, it can be installed onto existing roof decks. Switching to heavier roofing often requires a new roof deck to support its weight; a new metal roofing installation, on the other hand, generates less waste that would have been otherwise sent to landfills.

  3. It’s stronger and more durable – Metal roofs have better impact resistance than most roofing types. In the event it gets hit by large hailstones, hurricane-force winds, or large pieces of debris, it will likely require only minimal repairs, and therefore, less waste.

  4. It has a long lifespan – One attractive aspect of metal roofs is its longevity. Galvanized steel roofs typically have 50-year lifespans with proper maintenance, while copper roofs last even longer; just take a look at the Minneapolis City Hall’s patina-covered copper roof. It was installed in the 1950s but still it remains, proud and beautiful. Long roof life means less need for replacements and waste.

  5. It’s energy-efficient – Being green isn’t just about waste reduction; it’s also about reducing energy consumption. In the context of a home, being energy-efficient means maintaining stable indoor temperature. Insulated windows and siding help reduce the heat absorbed through the exterior. Metal roofing options like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper are naturally reflective materials; galvanized steel can have special coatings to add the same features. By reducing the heat absorbed through the roof, the indoor cooling requirements are lessened, consequently reducing energy consumption.

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