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4 Roofing Threats to Watch Out for This Winter

Your roof faces numerous challenges at any given point throughout the year, for which you must prepare. Those difficulties intensify during what others consider as the “most wonderful time of the year”. Let’s take a look at the four most devastating problems your roofing system will likely encounter during winter.

1. Freezing Rain

This type of rain doesn’t actually freeze over until after the rain comes in contact with any cold ground or surface, such as a roof. So, when freezing rain falls on your roof, a solid sheet of ice will be formed. This is dangerous because the ice sheet adds weight to the roof, and, when it melts, the water might seep into the roofing structure and weaken the entire system. The frozen sheet can also break unexpectedly and slide off your roof, becoming a hazard to anyone who happens to be walking by your property. 

2. Hail

Apart from cosmetic damage, hailstones can also cause carbon monoxide leaks when they hit a major gas or fume pipe that runs through or exhausts out of the roofing.  

3. Ice Dams

Ice dams form when snow melts, only to freeze over again as they are dripping off your roof. The freeze-thaw cycle is naturally occuring, but your roof should maintain a uniform temperature so snow stays put on your roof and doesn’t turn into an ice dam.

4. Icicles

Icicles are much like ice dams in terms of how they are formed. They’re detrimental to your roof because of the weight that they add, but keep in mind that icicles are also a danger to people, pets and your outdoor furniture.

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