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4 Important Slate Roofing Facts for Homeowners

A slate roof is, understandably, an attractive choice for any home. Today, Garlock-French Corporation, one of the leading roofing contractors in the area, discusses four slate roofing facts.

4 Important Slate Roofing Facts for Homeowners

Slate Roofing Is Worth a Pretty Penny

Slate roofing can be expensive to buy and install. That said, nothing of worth comes cheap. A slate roof is a great investment for your home. You’re not just having a new roof installed for the “now”, but also for the future of your dwelling. Slate roofing is proven to last for at least half a century. Imagine the savings you’ll have from numerous roof repairs and replacement with a regular asphalt shingle roof.

Slate Roofing Is Fire Resistant

Metal roofing is fire resistant, but not the way slate roofs are. A slate roofing system is completely fireproof, making it the best fire-resistant roof available.

Slate Roofing Has Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal

Natural beauty is a quality you can only find in a slate roof. It enhances the look of any architectural style. A slate roof also comes in an attractive selection of colors and textures.

Slate Roofing Boosts Home Value

If you’re looking into selling your home later on, slate roofing increases resale value. In addition, slate roofs have permanence, durability and aesthetic appeal that will make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

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