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4 Common Myths Surrounding Metal Roofs Dispelled

The reputation of metal roofing has suffered considerably throughout the years because of a host of misconceptions. The truth, however, is it offers more benefits than most roofing options. These roofs are a good fit for modern homes and come in a wide range of materials and styles, allowing them to blend seamlessly with different types of homes.

Metal Roofs Dispelled

As one of the area’s most reputable roofing contractors, we will expose the most common misconceptions about metal roofing and dispel them once and for all.

1. Metal Roofing Isn’t Versatile.

Homeowners are generally wary of metal roofing as it may not fit their home’s existing style. However, metal roofing comes in a wide variety of styles. Some can even mimic the genuine look of other roofing options, even traditional ones. And with the color choices that you have, you can find one that suits your home.

2. Metal Roofing Is Noisy.

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing isn’t loud at all. In fact, metal roofs are even quieter than other roofing alternatives like asphalt shingles thanks to the solid sheathing attached to the underlayment. The added insulation also boosts soundproofing.

3. Metal Roofing Is Too Expensive.

While it is true that the initial expense may be more than other roofing types, metal roofing is actually the more affordable choice in the long run. It requires little to no maintenance whatsoever, making it a worthy, future-proof investment.

4. Metal Roofing Isn’t Reliable.

Metal doesn’t attract lightning. For lightning to strike your home, it would have to be the tallest structure in your area. And if lightning does strike your roof, its design allows the energy to dissipate and discharge into your structure. Plus, metal doesn’t catch fire easily, meaning it can slow down or even totally inhibit a fire.

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