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3 Ideal Roof Materials for Specific Architectural Styles

Residential architecture in Minneapolis has evolved through the years, making way for sleeker and more contemporary home designs. Nevertheless, the classic charm of vintage homes remains. In fact, many homeowners still turn to past architectural styles when improving the overall look of their home. This extends to the roof, an essential design element that defines and contributes to the home’s historical accuracy.

The premier roofing contractors in Minneapolis, Garlock-French Corporation, looks at three of the most prevalent architectural styles in the area, and the roofing materials that best match them.

1. Colonial — The classic lines of Colonial homes are recognizable by their symmetrical appearance, two-storied structure, and a chimney right in the middle of the roof. Other prominent features include a center entry door flanked by sidelights, and a porch held up by columns. Colonial homes look best with traditional cedar shingles. Garlock-French Corporation offers this premium option, which is cut from red cedar and features treatment that offers superior resistance to fire and decay.

2. Spanish Mission — You can easily spot this architectural style due to its white stucco exterior walls and wrought black-iron railings. For Spanish Mission homes, the perfect roofing material is tile, a classic and durable choice. Tile roofing from Garlock-French Corporation comes in Pan and Cover, S-tile, shingle tile, and interlocking tile. These are all available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures that offer many design possibilities.

3. Cape Cod — This style has been around for centuries. Cape Cod homes feature gabled dormers on front, a 1 ½ story height, and steep roof perches. Homes in this style will benefit from asphalt shingles, one of the most popular roofing materials today. You won’t lack for customization options when you choose our shingles. Their versatility allows them to match other design elements, effectively preserving your home’s architectural accuracy.

Turn to Garlock-French Corporation for top tier roof systems, including slate and metal roofing in Minnesota. With our quality selection, we’ll make sure that your roof contributes to the style and beauty of your home. Aside from roof replacement and repairs, we also offer gutter cleaning and maintenance.

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