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3 Contractor Traits to Watch Out For

Your choice of contractors can greatly affect the success of your home improvement. To protect both yourself and your investment, it’s essential to be extra vigilant in your selection. In this article, Garlock-French Corporation looks at the contractor traits you need to watch out for.

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1. Unlicensed
One of the first things you have to look for in a contractor is their business license. Whether you’re investing in gutter protection, or considering replacement roofing in St. Paul, it’s important that your choice of contractors carry the required business license. This makes them liable to work in your area. A simple Internet search can verify the contractor’s legitimacy. Check the Contractor’s Licensing website or try looking them up on Better Business Bureau. While there, you can see if their client reviews and scores are satisfactory.

2. Uninsured
Ask your contractor to provide proof of insurance, which should include workers’ compensation and liability coverage. This will go a long way in protecting both yourself and your investment in an accident occurs in your property. In addition, check with the contractor if the insurance covers the entire period of your home improvement.

3. Untrained
Make sure that your contractor has the deep experience and necessary skills for the services they offer. This ensures quality workmanship for your project, and lowers the potential for errors or additional expenses to correct them. By asking for a list of accomplishments and calling past clients, you can confirm if they can ensure safe, clean, and expert work.

Looking for a reliable home improvement contractor can be easier when you turn to Garlock-French Corporation. We have the experience, expertise, and the bona fides that ensure smooth and quality work on your home’s needs. Whether it’s installing gutter protection, replacement windows, or metal roofing in MN, get in touch with us. We also provide gutter cleaning and inspections to ensure lasting performance and protection for both your gutter system and roof.

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