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Metal Roofing in MN: A Smart Choice for Eco-Friendly Property Owners

When it comes to roofing, homeowners are looking for a system of protection that’s durable, attractive, and eco-friendly. One of the more popular options is metal roofing in MN, which features superior resilience to the elements, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. Dave McGinn of The Globe and Mail writes why metal roofing is a growing trend for homeowners:

Metal roofs are often touted as the environmentally friendly choice, and for good reason: They typically last 50 years or more, double the lifespan of asphalt shingles, and are made from mostly recyclable materials, whereas asphalt shingles wind up in a landfill.
Growing numbers of people are opting for metal roofs not only because of their green-friendly cred, but because the material has evolved stylistically, says Steve Fox, general manager of the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, a Cambridge, Ontario based industry association.
“The benefits of steel roofing are durability and looks. New products coming on the market look like shingles, and there are new products like paint coatings. … There’s a lot more variety now, and people are seeing the merits of it,” he says.

Metal proves to be the most eco-friendly option among roofing systems, with a majority of the material constructed from recycled steel, aluminum, and copper. On top of this, it provides increased utility savings, due to its high solar reflectance value. As the material is ideal to deflect heat off the property, homeowners can save at least 40% in annual cooling costs.

Another important thing to note is metal roofing’s stunning appearance. Architects prefer this material as it complements today’s contemporary trend and offers diverse possibilities for design. The product is available in various styles, and can mimic the look of asphalt, slate, and tile.

On top of these advantages, metal roofing provides an excellent return on investment by rendering many decades in service life. With its notable resilience, homeowners can expect minimal maintenance and repairs.

Minneapolis metal roofing contractors like Garlock-French Corporation are certified to install top-grade roofing systems across the state. Homeowners can rely on such contractors to ensure that their roof is built to last and can withstand the elements.

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