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Winter Preparation Checklist for a More Comfortable Home

The cold season usually reminds homeowners of the home improvement plans that they should prioritize. In this post, we share a brief checklist featuring the home parts that you should focus on this winter.

Winter Preparation Checklist for a More Comfortable Home

Getting help from one of the local roofing contractors in Minneapolis is necessary. As a top home improvement company, we want to give a few pointers on winter maintenance. Take care of the following components:


This cold season, it’s important to keep your roof in check to avoid dealing with leaks at an inconvenient hour. Be sure to consult Garlock-French Corporation for a comprehensive inspection. We will help you identify any damage on your roof, including warping and missing shingles. Once we see an issue, we work on it immediately. Moreover, we provide repair and maintenance services that help keep roofs in tip-top shape.


These are your roof’s main drainage system. Without it, water from melting ice might overflow. What you can do is to have your gutters cleaned and repaired before winter. This will ensure the proper flow of rainwater and melted snow. Additionally, ask your local expert to install a gutter protection system. This will lessen your need for cleaning while keeping your gutters in good condition for a long time.

Masonry and Chimney

This winter, have your fireplace checked, cleaned, and repaired if necessary. Remember, you need a well-functioning fireplace this cold weather. Otherwise, you’ll feel chilly and uncomfortable indoors, no matter how much winter clothing you wear. Garlock-French Corporation will take care of your masonry and chimney. Among the services that we offer are chimney rebuilding, tuck-pointing, clay flue replacement, chimney crown rebuilding, and masonry waterproofing.

We are the top roofing Minneapolis expert that will help you keep your home comfortable this winter. Make sure you have your roof, masonry, chimney, and gutters checked. Our services provide extra savings, protection, and peace of mind.

Give us a call today at (612) 722-7129 today to learn more about our products and services. We’ll be ready to assist you and recommend the best home solutions this cold season.