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Tips on Incorporating Your Roof into the Landscape

Choosing your roofs’ material and color is definitely a daunting task in itself, but what if you also have to consider whether that roof is going to match your home’s landscape?


In cases like these, we at Garlock-French Corporation, the most trusted roofer in the entire Twin Cities area, suggest considering three things when choosing roofing that will blend well with your home’s landscape and surroundings—the roof’s color, texture, and shape:


The roof’s colors and hues obviously play a huge role in your home’s overall appearance. Choosing a color that will blend well with your siding, windows, doors, hardscape, and vegetation can make a big difference when it comes to harmonizing all these elements for your home.

One popular suggestion is using a roof color with a darker tone if the plants in your garden also have dark hues and if the siding on your house has a lighter tone. This will produce a balanced contrast in your home’s overall appearance. If you want to be a bit playful, you can also use metal roofing in Minnesota with orange metallic hues and balance it with the surrounding foliage’s colors. Just keep in mind that you can always play with the colors, just don’t overdo it, as it can make or break your home’s appearance. You have to consider your home’s exterior elements to make sure that your roof’s color will blend well with the other elements around it.


Aside from its color, the texture of your roof will add more character and depth to your home’s curb appeal. This is where choosing the right roofing material will matter because every roofing material available in the market today offers a variation of textures and appearances, and you can actually play with these different textures to combine all the man-made and natural elements around your home. Highly textural roofing options such as wood shakes, slates, and tiles, for example, allow you to add some depth if your home looks too plain or bare.

Shapes and Lines

Most houses with contemporary designs are typically simple, accentuated only by some plain shapes and lines as well as some plants. You can actually give more depth to this minimalist design by adding some lines and shapes to your roof. Vertical seams on a metal roof, for instance, can do the trick and will make your home appear more in-tune with its surroundings.

If you need help choosing the right color, texture, and shape for your roof in the Twin Cities, call us at Garlock-French Corporation. We offer roofs of different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials such as asphalt roofs and metal roofing in MN that will surely make your homes’ landscapes and design more beautiful. Call now to schedule an estimate.