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Why You Must Clean Your Gutters Before Installing Gutter Covers

Gutter covers provide not only protection from debris, but they also add a uniform look to your home. They can round out the design of your house’s exterior, helping to make your rather characterless gutter system a bit more glamorous from all angles.

Why You Must Clean Your Gutters Before Installing Gutter Covers

However, many homeowners make the mistake of installing them without cleaning their gutters and downspouts. Yet, it should be no-brainer to do this since it pays to clear out all kinds of debris prior to the installation of gutter protection. Here’s why:

Decreasing the Need for Maintenance

Filter, screen and reverse flow protection covers share an ultimate goal: make your gutter system less prone to clogging. They may work differently, but they’re all designed to help your roof with proper drainage.

Make no mistake; they only make your gutters and downspouts low maintenance, but not completely maintenance-free. Covers can filter out most of the things that would otherwise get into the gutter system and cause obstructions. But then again, they can’t stop everything from entering them. Gutter covers may need some maintenance occasionally to keep them from getting gunked up with sludge.

Preventing Ice Damming

If you don’t clear out your gutters first, any cover would fail to do its two main jobs: keeping debris out and helping reduce the chances of ice dam formation. Ice dams can still take shape on homes with clean gutter systems, but they’re more likely to appear on those with uncovered, clogged ones.

Keeping the Product Warranty Valid

Gutters and downspouts with protection are guaranteed not to clog and overflow for decades. For instance, Leaf Defier™ comes with a 25-year, no-clog warranty.

If your gutter covers fail, the guarantee should cover the cleaning costs – contingent on certain conditions, which may include clearing any present debris before installation. When at least one requirement is unmet, the manufacturer may void its product warranty.

Turn to Garlock-French Corporation for effective gutter protection installation. We offer an impressive range of products and deliver flawless installation to help you get the most from your covers. Our company also provides gutter cleaning services, sparing you the hassle associated with this thankless job.

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