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Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Gutters

Your gutters perform an important job for your home. These shunt rainwater into your downspout and away from critical areas in your home like your foundation, siding, and roof. When your gutters can’t perform their job, water can damage these areas. That’s why you should enlist the services of gutter specialists like Garlock-French Corporation.

image 1The Dangers Of Clogged Gutters

A clogged gutter will fill with water and overflow. This overflowing water will then splash down onto your siding and cause unsightly water stains. If your siding has cracks or gaps, water from the gutters can also enter and cause damage. Once the water hits the ground, it can oversaturate the soil around your home’s foundation and put enormous pressure on it. When left unchecked, this can cause cracks where moisture can invade and promote mold growth.

Rainwater doesn’t just fall down; it can also back up onto your roof. This water can seep underneath your shingles and rot your underlayment and deck. Since rainwater has nowhere to go on your roof, this can lead to pooling water, causing leaks to spring. As the premier expert in gutters in Minneapolis, we can prevent this from happening.

How We Can Help Your Home

We provide a range of gutter protection systems for your home. These protection systems prevent physical material from entering your gutters, greatly reducing the chance of clogging. We’ll make sure your gutters will protect your home from costly water damage. You can choose from a filter protection system, a screen protection system, and reverse flow protection. Our representative will work with you to determine which option is the right choice for your gutters.

In addition, we also provide gutter repair, and gutter cleaning. Our team will make sure that your gutters in Minneapolis, MN, are in top condition at all times. If your home needs a new system, we can install one piece gutters, two piece gutters, built-in gutters/gutter liners, and double bottom/shell & liner gutters. We can also recommend the gutter system profile that will match and accentuate your home’s style.

From gutter installation, repair, and protection, we can handle any type of gutter service for any kind of home. We’re one of the most experienced companies in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, with more than 80 years in the industry. Garlock-French Corporation is committed to creating strong relationships with our customers through high quality products, first-class service, and perfect job execution. Give us a call to learn more about our gutter services, or about our other services and products.