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Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Gutter Cleaning

Given the essential role that gutter system plays in keeping your home dry and damage-free, you need to make sure it remains in excellent condition. You can make this possible through periodic cleaning. This allows your gutters in Minneapolis to drain properly, keeping your home’s structure intact by channeling rainwater away from its foundation and exterior. It also eliminates the potential for mold growth and aesthetic and health risks.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning, however, is an extensive project, so careful preparation is important. Garlock-French Corporation, your premier home improvement company, shares some handy tips.

Hire a Reliable Company for the Cleaning

To avoid gutter cleaning risks, you should consider turning to a home improvement company that can do it. Garlock-French Corporation ensures cleaner and healthier gutters through our cleaning and maintenance services. Our professional crew has the right tools, knowledge, and specialized training to keep your gutters mess- and clog-free. We aim for complete client satisfaction, so you’re sure that your system remains in top form all year round.

Invest in a Gutter Protection System

The best way to clean your gutters is not to clean them at all. Keep everything simpler and easier by turning to Garlock-French Corporation for an excellent protection system for your gutters in Minneapolis, MN. We offer three main types, including:

  • Screen – It covers the entire gutter system and prevents leaves and debris from settling in by not giving them enough room to pass through. Only water flows through the system, while letting the rest dry up or blow away. One of the brands we use for this option is Gutter Shingle.
  • Filter – It works the same way as screens, only it occupies a portion of your gutters. We use the Leaf Defier brand for this choice.
  • Reverse Flow – This covers the gutter and has a slit near the edge of the system. Water flows naturally inside while leaves and debris fall off the edge.

Turn to Garlock-French Corporation for your gutter protection needs. With our quality options, we ensure reliable protection and clog-free performance for your Minneapolis gutters. Call us today at (612) 722-7129 or fill out this form to get your free quote.