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Important Things You Need to Know About Gutter Installation

The main function of your gutters is to direct rainwater to proper drainage systems and away from your home. If your home still doesn’t have a gutter system or if you are already due for a replacement, consider installing new gutters in Minneapolis immediately. Let Garlock-French Corporation share some important facts you need to know about gutter installation.

Gutter Installation

Gutter Sizes

As an expert in gutter installation for over 80 years, we understand the importance of using the right sizes when it comes to gutter products. Different homes call for various gutter sizes, so we customize them to seamlessly fit your home.

For instance, homes with varying degrees of pitch, multiple gables and rooflines require a special plan. We will scale your gutters depending on your roof’s square footage and local weather. We will ensure that your home gets the utmost benefits from your new gutters.

Gutter Pitch

It may be unnoticeable, but all gutters in Minneapolis, MN, have a slight pitch. This allows the free flow of rain into your downspouts. Having the right pitch in your home’s structure will make the most out of your gutter system’s performance. We will inspect your home, use the proper pitch, and set up the right number of downspouts.

Gutter Protection Systems

Gutters have an open design, which can leave them vulnerable to clogging caused by debris build-up. The clogs will then eventually cause your gutters to overflow, increasing the risk for water damage to your basement, landscape, and interior. A gutter protection system works as a filter that prevents this from happening. They block leaves, twigs, and other fragments from entering the system, keeping your gutters clean and protected. You can choose from our three main solutions: filter, screen, and reverse flow covers.

Your Minneapolis gutters protect your home from a number of problems, so it’s important to give them special attention. If you are already due for a replacement, call us today at (612) 722-7129 to schedule a consultation or to get a free quote.