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How Gutter Maintenance Keeps Your Home Safe

Gutters are an essential part of every home. Apart from keeping the area surrounding your home dry, they also protect your home from structural damage. Garlock-French Corporation shares what happens when your gutters fail and how maintenance can prevent it.

Gutter Maintenance

The Effects of Unmaintained Gutters

Gutters have to be kept free-flowing. Clogged or leaking gutters would let rainwater into areas where it shouldn’t be in and cause structural issues. Your landscaping could get eroded and incur untimely maintenance and replanting costs. Water could also get into the basement, promote mold and mildew growth, and cause health problems. Ice dams could also form along the roof’s edge and introduce water the roof deck.

If rainwater accumulates at your home’s foundations, the concrete would absorb the water, turn soft, and, ultimately, break down. This would later compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation and compromise its structure.

Importance of Maintenance

This illustrates why gutters need regular cleaning and maintenance. Being constantly exposed to the elements, gutters are vulnerable to being clogged with leaves, sticks, and debris. Ideally, you should have your gutters maintained twice a year: once in the spring after the ice has fully thawed and in the fall just after most of the leaves have fallen.

While it is tempting to do it yourself, gutter cleaning and maintenance is best left to professionals. Aside from the convenience and safety, professionally maintained gutters are also inspected for potential causes of problems such as weakened joints, droopy gutters, and signs of corrosion. You also have the assurance that your gutters will be thoroughly free of any debris.

You should also consider investing in a reliable protection system for your gutters. Garlock-French Corporation offers several kinds of gutter protection that will fit your existing system: filter, screen, or reverse-flow. Having a gutter protection system also reduces required maintenance.

Garlock-French Corporation will be happy to meet your gutter needs, including cleaning and installation. To learn more about our gutter services, call us today at (612) 722-7129.  Minneapolis, MN, homeowners can also fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.