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Garlock-French Corporation Offers a Range of Gutter Options

Your gutter system is one of the most important components of your roofing. While it might seem like an optional thing, these actually play a big role in protecting your roof and the rest of your home from water and moisture damage.  Read on to learn what kinds of gutters Garlock-French Corporation offers.

Gutter Options

One-Piece Gutters

The most common gutter type, as its name suggests, this system is composed of just one part. There are actually two types of one-piece gutters – the first one has no slope but has a roll former, and the back part of the system is uniform in height ensuring that it holds the water properly.

The second variant is essentially the same but it’s custom-made, making these gutters better for homes with more demanding architectural styles. Since it’s built according to the house, the slope to the downspout will vary in height.

Two-Piece Gutters

These gutters are essentially the same as their one-piece counterparts, but they have an extra piece on the top part of the actual system to prevent leaf, dirt, and debris from entering the gutters. We suggest this kind of gutter system if you have trees close to your home.

Built-In Gutters

Built-in gutters are systems we suggest for older homes where the gutter needs to be built into the lower edge of the roofline. Since it’s built-in, the slope and downspout is often flush to the exterior wall or into the actual structure of the roof system. These gutters are popular for modern homes too, especially if you don’t want a visible gutter on your facade.

Double-Bottom/ Shell