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Different Types of Gutters You Should Be Familiar With

Your gutters are among the most important but neglected parts of the home. They direct water away from your property when it rains. If you don’t properly maintain your gutters, you’re bound to experience problems that can lead to costly repairs.

Types of Gutters

Different types of gutters are available, but which type is suitable for your home? Garlock-French Corporation discusses the different types of gutters available and their features:
One-Piece Gutters
One-piece gutters come in two types: one has a rolled form with no slope, and the other is custom-made for the specific structure. The first type has uniform back height, which makes it perfect for holding water while the second type has varying back heights that make the gutter slope to the downspout.
Two-Piece Gutters
Two-piece gutters have joints that connect two sections to direct water to the downspout. Seamless installation is required to ensure the sections are connected properly and prevent leakage. Rather than DIY the installation, our professionals can help you with your two-piece gutter installation.
Built-In Gutters
This type is more common in older homes where gutters are located on the lower edge of the roof. Built-in gutters may have galvanized iron, copper or EPDM as the material used for the liner. The slope for water drainage is built into the roofing system.
Double Bottom Gutters
These gutters have a decorative outer shell and a custom profile. The profile shell has a uniform design while the inside of the gutters has a tapered liner for water drainage. Common materials used for this type of gutter is copper and galvanized iron, with stainless steel brackets for attaching the gutters to the roof.
Let our team help with your installation of gutters. If you need any assistance with your gutters or anything related to your roof, the Garlock-French Corporation can help. Contact us for maintenance and installation of gutters in Minneapolis, MN, at (612) 722-7129.