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Avoiding Home Damage with Proper Gutter Maintenance

As you set about your home maintenance checklist, be sure to prioritize your gutters in Minneapolis, MN. Their channeling ability ensures that rainwater doesn’t end up inside your home. By keeping this essential component in top shape, you can avoid a number of problems, both structural and aesthetic. Garlock-French Corporation, your premier home improvement contractor, shares some of the common issues you can deal with through proper gutter maintenance.

  • Structural Damage. Leaves, pine needles, and other loose debris will settle inside your open gutters throughout the year. This can lead to congestion, which can severely hamper your system’s draining ability. Instead of running through the gutters and leaving via downspout, rainwater can back up and overflow, seeping within your walls and foundation. Gutter maintenance, however, helps prevent this. By investing in worry-free gutter cleaning from Garlock-French Corporation, you can keep your home’s structure intact. This allows for safer and sturdier living spaces.

  • Mold Growth. Failing gutters allow rainwater to enter your home. While most of it ends up in your roof deck, some can find its way to your interior walls. Constant exposure to water encourages mold growth while increasing your home’s humidity levels. Ensuring clog-free gutters in Minneapolis can help you avoid this. Without mold and excessive moisture, your home improves its indoor air quality, allowing for healthier rooms.

  • Failing Insulation. When water from damaged gutters drips into your attic insulation, this essential component gradually loses its effectiveness. This allows heating and cooling energy to escape to your attic and, ultimately, out of your home. You may notice higher energy costs as a result. Fortunately, you can turn to Garlock-French Corporation for expert gutter repairs. With our professional crew, we’ll restore your gutters to rights and keep your insulation safe from damage.

  • Unsightly Water Streaks or Stains. Well-maintained Minneapolis gutters prevent staining or streaking on your exterior. This means no cracks, rot, and fading due to water exposure, helping your home look younger and lovelier.

Turn to Garlock-French Corporation for your gutter maintenance needs. With our cleaning and repair services, we’ll make sure your home remains dry, sturdy, and beautiful. Call us today at (612) 722-7129 to schedule your consultation.