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4 Gutter Options from Garlock-French Corporation

You may have come across recommendations from friends and family about what kind of gutters to buy. If you are looking for suitable gutters in Minneapolis, Garlock-French Corporation can help. Our wide selection of gutters may look confusing at first glance. Once you get to know the difference, however, you’ll be able to make an informed choice in no time. Here are our gutter options for every style and application:

Gutter Options

  1. One piece – This type of gutter comes in two forms. The first is a roll forming steel that has no slope and a straight back. We form this by gradually bending sheet metal into shape, making it ideal for sloping rooflines. The second form is custom-cut with a variable back height. This is ideal for houses with straight rooflines.
  2. Two piece – A two-piece gutter has a separate gutter apron or drip edge. This helps avoid rainwater infiltration no matter what the roof edge shape is. The installation process is more complicated than one-piece gutters and requires the level of specialty that Garlock-French Corporation has.
  3. Built-in – Also known as Yankee or integral gutters, built-in gutters in Minneapolis, MN, are typical of homes and some public buildings. We build them onto the lower edge of the roof, unlike modern gutters that you can see under the roof edge. These copper or galvanized iron gutters sometimes come with membranous material such as EPDM for waterproofing. As with one-piece designs, built-in gutters require a sloped roofline.
  4. Double bottom – Also known as shell-and-liner gutters, double-bottom gutters come with an outer shell that we install uniformly along the roof edges. The inside has an inner shell that ensures proper rainwater drainage. With this kind of roofing, you can practically choose any type of material for the outer shell for aesthetic purposes, without worrying about performance.

These gutter options can be made with any profile you choose, including Ogee, ranch, box, half-round, and custom profiles. If you’d like to see the full extent of what we can do with Minneapolis gutters or other custom sheet metal applications, call us today at (612) 722-7129. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.