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4 Benefits of New Gutter Systems

Even without apparent signs of damage, having your old gutters replaced offer many benefits. As one of the leading gutter experts in the Twin Cities area, Garlock-French Corporation shares with you some of the benefits of new gutters.

4 Benefits of New Gutter Systems

  1. New Gutters Require Less Maintenance – If you’re tired of repainting and re-applying sealant to your gutters, then a new gutter system will do wonders. One-piece or seamless gutters are made from a single length of gutter material and shaped on-site. As it doesn’t have seams, it doesn’t require sealants and, therefore, doesn’t need as much maintenance. New gutters are compatible with newer gutter protection systems; by filtering or shedding leaves and debris, these help keep your gutters clear and virtually maintenance-free.

  1. Bigger Gutters Decrease the Risk of Foundation Damage – Gutters are primarily needed for routing rainwater away from the house foundations. Otherwise, the pooling water would soak into the concrete posts and cause irreversible structural damage. If your gutters tend to overflow even during moderate showers, you need bigger-profile replacements to handle heavy downpours. This ensures the safety of your home’s foundations.

  1. Avoid Stains on Your Siding and Windows – Another benefit of big-profile gutters is that it prevents rainwater from staining your trim, siding and windows. Wood shakes, in particular, are prone to water damage and stains. Window glass can also develop hard-to-remove water spots. With new gutters, you can simply relax and not worry about whether you should clean your siding and windows when the weather clears.

  1. Keep Your Landscaping Undamaged – New gutters also help ensure that your landscaping and surrounding areas remain undamaged when it rains. Overflowing or leaking rainwater tends to bruise sensitive plants, causing unsightly dead leaves or washing out whole sections of landscaping. Some species also tend to die when soaked in too much water. With a well-chosen gutter system, you know your landscaping will survive unscathed even under heavy rainfall.

To explore what kind of new gutters you can install on your home, call Garlock-French Corporation today at (612) 722-7129. We serve many areas in and around Minneapolis, MN.