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4 Benefits of Investing in Proper Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance may sound like a lot of work, but it’s the simplest thing you can do to keep your home in good shape. How does removing fallen leaves in your gutters and downspouts go a long way? Garlock-French Corporation talks about its practical benefits:

4 Benefits of Investing in Proper Gutter Maintenance

1. Maximizing Your Roof’s Service Life

Clog-free gutters are functional gutters. They’re a prerequisite for all long-lasting roofing systems. Any blockage can compromise your home’s drainage, causing the water to pool and seep into the gaps in your roof.

Cleaning your gutters and downspouts is important, but it’s often a dangerous and thankless job. It’s best to leave it to professionals for your convenience and safety. While it’s ideal to do this task every spring and fall, Garlock-French Corporation provides gutter cleaning services all year round.

2. Reducing Home Repair Costs

Faulty gutters can weaken your home’s foundation, leave your basement damp and ruin your landscaping. Clogging can force the water to pour over the sides of your gutters and disrupt its journey to the downspouts. Any runoff or overflow can affect your home one way or another, which might require costly repairs.

3. Eliminating Outdoor Hazards

Sagging gutters and downspouts can put anyone in harm’s way. Plus, a clogged gutter system increases the chance of ice damming. The moment the temperature rises, large ice ridges or pointy icicles can suddenly drop and hurt people.

4. Keeping Your Roof Warranty Valid

Some manufacturers may consider poor gutter maintenance a reason to nullify your roof warranty. Considering the interplay between gutters and other roofing components, failing to keep your gutter system in good shape may work against you.

Gutters may not be glamorous, but they have a serious role to play. Apart from putting a premium on maintenance, consider investing in gutter protection to filter out debris and reduce the odds of clogging. Call Garlock-French Corporation at (612) 722-7129 to talk about your needs in Minneapolis, MN.