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Your home could be worth more than what you think

There’s something magical about coming back to one’s childhood home. The house previously owned by Peanuts artist Charles Schultz was featured on The current owner’s family acquired the house in 1962 and thirty years later, Ken Abdo purchased his childhood home from his father:

After moving in, Abdo immediately invested $250,000 in the aging home, which was built in 1925, to “regain its old glory,” he said. He put in new heating, plumbing and electrical, and re­inforced the sagging structure. The Abdos tore down foil wallpaper, took out gold shag carpets, refinished hardwood floors, replaced windows and repaired and painted every surface. They also updated the 1970s kitchen, adding a tile floor and recessed lighting.

Today, Abdo has put the property up for sale which will undoubtedly cost no less than the value of its iconic significance. This is a case that is not reserved for just one. You could possibly be nurturing the next Charles Schultz under your roof. Just like Ken Abdo’s approach, you can ensure the future of your grandchildren and great grandchildren by keeping your home in its best condition. Some tips by several reputable online magazines include:

  1. highlighted that the first stage of any home renovation project is by assessing the building’s condition. (This can be done by a professional contractor. For roofing inspection needs, hiring a well-known company of roofing in Minneapolis can save you a lot of time, and money, as well as your effort.)
  2. advised that homeowners should not risk using cheap materials, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is more often than not, true.

Your house is the most valuable asset that can be handed over to your children in the future. To ensure that you are providing them the best of what you have, we at Garlock French Corporation have been doing Minneapolis roofing services for over eighty years now. In addition, we only use materials that are certified to be durable. With this, you can trust that your house can stand as strong as our company.

 (Article Excerpt From You Can Buy The ‘Snoopy’ House,, June 02, 2014)