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Slate Roofing is the Best Protection Against Harsh Weather

Long lastingness is a characteristic every homeowner looks for in a roofing material because it means that the composition is durable and strong. In a place like Minnesota wherein its humid continental climate and ever changing weather conditions, which usually consist of hail and thunderstorm, a long lasting material is needed. This instance as reported by will most likely accelerate the usually long life span of roofing in Minneapolis:

Scattered showers and storms will push through this evening with a weak front slipping southward through the state. Expect them to die down near sunset when they lose fuel that comes from daytime heating. Clearing skies overnight bring temperatures down into the seasonable low 60s.

Tomorrow expect very isolated storm chances with partly to mostly cloudy skies. Highs reach the low 80s.

Now here’s where the forecast gets very tricky. Wide variation in the week’s forecast exists between models and even from morning to night runs of the same model. Basically we have a battle between a sunny high pressures system that is trying to push south from Canada and a stormy low pressure system that is trying to push north from the Plains states. Right now it looks like the low will win out to bring storms into the forecast Tuesday overnight through Thursday.

That is why deciding on which Minneapolis roofing material is quite a big deal since this home improvement is not a cheap investment. Nevertheless, it is better to invest in something expensive that works compared to something that costs less but will frequently need repairs, which is not as cheap.

One durable roofing material is slate. It is made from metamorphic rocks, which is why it is strong and long-lasting, as well as eco-friendly. Installation of this requires specially trained roofers, like Garlock-French Corporation.

We understand the need of our fellow homeowners to be protected from the climate in the locality. That is why we offer slate roofing installation because we know its benefits. Other materials like wood, cannot endure the effects of frequently changing weather as it leads to premature aging of the roof.

With all these, we recommend homeowners to make a wise investment and choose slate.

(Article Excerpt from More spotty storms this evening,, August 3, 2014)