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Signs of Roof Damage You May Not Notice Immediately

As your first line of protection against the weather, your roof is constantly exposed to the elements. Eventually, the different weather conditions we experience will take their toll on your roof. At a glance, you may not be able to notice problems readily. Furthermore, you may not feel their effects until they have become major issues or until severe weather occurs and your roof fails to perform its function efficiently.

To help you out, Garlock-French Corporation, a leading provider of roofing in Minneapolis, explains some common signs of roof damage.

1. Damaged flashing. Flashing is the sheet metal installed around protrusions on your roof, like the chimney. It also protects the valleys. From the ground you may not be able to see any damage, but if there are issues, water could seep through and cause harm to the roofing structure and to your interior. If you notice water spots on the ceilings, you may have leaks caused by damaged flashing.

2. Premature deterioration of shingles.Without proper attic ventilation, excess heat can build up and cause premature aging of your shingles.

3. Mold growth. Mold growth, particularly in the attic, may be an indication that moisture is getting through the roof.

Whether it’s big or small, damage to roofing in St. Paul must be detected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent costly problems in the future. If you suspect that your roof is damaged, your best option is to call for a professional inspection. Garlock-French Corporation has experience dealing with problems with all types of roofs. We can work on materials including asphalt shingles, cedar shingles and shake, slate, tile and EPDM. Feel free to give us a call at (612) 444-8900 today.