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Roofing: Cost Vs. Value Retained From Roofing Improvements

You would definitely want to earn more when selling your home. A sure-fire way to make your home more desirable to prospect buyers, and of course, getting more value for your home is home renovation.

However, not all home renovations pay back well.

In fact, some are actually unnecessary. Some renovations are quite unnoticeable to buyers. What you would want to do is invest on an upgrade that an interested buyer will immediately notice. This means enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Home exterior upgrades that enhance your home’s overall look – such as roofing replacement –is an effective way to get a greater return on your investment. The latest Cost Vs. Value Report has shown that roof replacement, with a national average job cost this year of $34,495 has a resale value of about $21,731. That’s about 63% recouped from the job cost, and is significantly higher than last year’s statistics. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the cost recouped for roofing replacement increased to 48%, with a $16,468 resale value on a $34,360 roofing job.

That’s why if you’re planning to put your house up for sale this fall, the best thing to do is to get your roof done. You can opt for metal roofing in Minneapolis MN as it’s becoming more popular among Minnesotans because of its durability, longevity, and energy efficiency without sacrificing the style.

For different types of roofing such as metal roofing in Minnesota, the most trusted contractor is Garlock-French Corporation.  We only employ well experienced and highly qualified roofers in Minneapolis. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and offer prices that won’t go through the roof – perfect if you’re selling your house. Just give us a call for your roofing, chimney, gutters, and masonry needs if you’re in the Twin Cities area.