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Reinforce Your Home Against Twin Cities’ Severe Weather

Minneapolis residents are no strangers to severe weather because the area has a continental climate that is typical to the Upper Midwest. The geographical location of the city is the reason why it experiences a full range of both warm and cold climates. The place suffers from hailstorms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms, which are some of the greatest threats to roofing in St. Paul. This weather forecast as reported by is such instance:

Another day and another chance for some thunderstorms as the warm and muggy air mass hangs in place. A weak cold front moving through the area will likely be the trigger for some widely scattered storms Sunday afternoon and evening.  Once again not everyone will get wet, but brief heavy downpours, lightning, and some small hail will all be possible with these storms.  Highs Sunday will be back in the mid 80’s.  That cold front continues it’s progress southward which could allow some isolated storms to linger Sunday night and Monday with lows in the 60’s and highs slightly cooler, topping out in the low 80’s.  A drier look to the rest of the week until storm chances return next weekend.

Weather conditions like these are harmful enough already. But when it is a common occurrence, it can be devastating. It can cause leaks, dents, loss in energy efficiency, poor insulation, and roofing failure to name a few. Thus, it is important to take care of your home if you want to be protected from the elements. Hire a roofing contractor in Minneapolis like Garlock-French Corporation that understands this need.

As part of the community, we offer roof repair or replacement because we want our fellow residents to be safe and secure from our ever changing weather. We understand the damage it causes that is why our company urges the homeowners to always inspect their homes after each occurrence.

In cases your home is inflicted with damage, call us for even the slightest sign. That way, we can conduct a thorough inspection and address your concerns before the next severe weather even occurs.

(Article Excerpt from Twin Cities weather forecast,, August 3, 2014)