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Knowing Your Roof: Various Components and Their Functions

Your roof is composed of various parts that need to work together in order to provide protection and comfort to your family. Each of these parts has a specific function to contribute to the overall roofing system. Knowing the various components of your roofing in Minneapolis can, therefore, help you better maintain your roof.

As professional roofing contractors, we at Garlock-French Corporation have prepared this short guide on the different parts of your roof, along with a short description for each item.

Ridge Board – This the highest point of the roof. This board runs horizontally on the length of your roof and creates the roof’s triangle.

Rafters – This part serves as the skeleton for your roof. It also provides the necessary support for the underlayment, shingles, etc.

Roof Truss – This roofing component provides the supporting framework of beams that support the rafters.

Roof Deck – This part of the roof covers the rafters. It provides the foundation on which the roof material is installed.

Flashing – This is the metal covering projections in your roof like vents, pipes, and the chimney. It provides protection and prevents water from seeping into the roof.

Underlayment – It is installed on top of the roof deck. Aside from the shingles, it provides an additional layer of protection.

Shingles – They function as the primary covering for your roof and can take the brunt of the weather.

Hopefully, this short guide was able to answer some of questions you may have in mind about the parts of your roof. If you need top-rate roofing services, we at Garlock-French Corporation would be glad to share our expertise on roofing in St. Paul and the surrounding areas.

It is important to know the parts that protect you and your family from all the elements. Feel free to give us a call today for more information.