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Insulation Protects Your Roof and Home

If someone were to ask why you would add more attic insulation, your likely answer would be to capture more of the heat that escapes upward during the cold weather. That is certainly your number one concern during a fierce Minnesota winter. What many people do not recognize is that the damage your roof experiences because of the extremely snowy climate can be mitigated if you have a well-insulated attic. It is not only interesting but financially worthwhile to take a look at the reality of roofs and attics during a brutal winter.

How Cold Weather Has Its Way With Your Roof

Drive down any residential street after heavy snow and you can tell whose roofs are better insulated. Snow remains longer on well-insulated homes because the heat from the interior is kept inside. With poorly insulated homes, the additional water tries to find ways into and around the roof, creating several issues:

  • Exposed roofing nails
  • Damaged shingles and flashing
  • Rotting wood joists and decking
  • Mold

Why a Well-Insulated Roof Fares Better

Several factors go into protecting your roof from the weather. First is regularly inspecting the underside of the roof and the exterior shingles and peaks. This is best done before the weather is a constant challenge, making flaws easier to detect and fix. The second is proper ventilation. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways but the ultimate goal is to allow moisture to be eliminated, preventing rot and the formation of mold. The third is making certain that the R factor of your attic insulation is adequate. Over time, especially if you have traffic in your attic, insulation values can diminish.

If you are thinking about the steep pitch of your roof and how your family would protest your checking it out, help is available for that and all your roofing needs. Just contact Garlock-French, (612) 722-7129. We stay on top of things.