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If You Need Help, Don’t Hesitate To Call A Roofing Pro!

Is that roof starting to show signs of aging? How many storms has your roof had to endure? Is it starting to rain inside every time a thunderstorm starts rolling into town? These are a few questions to ask yourself whether you need to start repairs or even replacing that roof. According to this article on

Most roofs leak due to flashing problems, typically at an intersection of two roof components; roof and plumbing vent, roof and chimney, roof and wall, etc. An easy way to help pinpoint that leak is by strategically rinsing down each area with a hose until the offending spot is found.

Replacing a roof, on the other hand, is something that has to be done periodically, and is seldom done because of an obvious leak. More commonly, the shingles have dried out and become cracked, brittle and deteriorated to the point where the roof remains saturated under the roof shingles, causing slow decay rather than an obvious stick-the-bucket-under-it leak.

Fixing a roof leak is one thing, and replacing is another; it is difficult to decide and weigh the situation yourself. Based on your own inspection you ask yourself, “Can I fix this problem on my own? Can I install these shingles right? Do I have the necessary tools to conduct a roofing project myself?”

Even only one “No” to any of these questions means that you have to seek help from a professional to do the job effectively, especially for severe roof damage or roof replacement.

When you need professional help, Garlock-French Corporation is a contractor you can rely on. With over 80 years of experience with roofing in Minneapolis, you can trust we will treat your roof like it’s our own.

A contractor as experienced as us has the craftsmen that will make sure that roof is repaired properly, or replaced with high quality materials from the country’s top roofing manufacturers.

When things get out of hand, it is recommended that you call a professional for help. For your Minneapolis and St. Paul roofing, contact Garlock-French Corporation for more information.

(Article Excerpt from Your Roof: Repair or Replace?,, July 23, 2008)