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Hiring a Professional to Work on Your Gutters in Minneapolis

Your gutters in Minneapolis are an important component of your home. They are responsible for directing water away from the roof and the foundation of the house. Gutters become clogged without regular cleaning or maintenance. However, it is understandable that cleaning gutters isn’t exactly a chore we all enjoy doing. By contacting a professional like us, you can learn more about the process. If you’re in need of professional services for your gutters, here are few things you should consider:

  • Make sure that the contractor you’re considering is licensed by the state to perform work on your roof and gutters.
  • Your contractor should be fully insured and has the appropriate worker’s compensation to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Check if the contractor is accredited by the Better Business Bureau to give you an idea of how well they work.
  • Check if the contractor has at least few years of work experience.
  • Check their certifications from manufacturers. This will help you know if they are fully trained to install specific products from specific manufacturers.
  • They should have proper warranty coverage should anything go wrong with the products or the installation. You can rest assured it will be handled at no additional cost to you.

We at Garlock-French Corporation offer professional gutter services. As a professional, here are a few of the things you can expect when you hire us to service your gutters:

  • Gutter repairs – It is inevitable that gutters are going to deteriorate after years of work. Problems like rusting can form; storms can dislodge or damage gutters; leaves or other debris can accumulate and this can weigh gutters down, etc. Our crew members at Garlock-French Corporation are trained and experienced when it comes to repairing various gutter issues.
  • Gutter cleaning – Cleaning the gutters on a regular basis is the best preventive measure against water damage. Having them cleaned by our professionals can ensure they are thoroughly dirt-free.
  • Installation of new gutters – If you require new gutters, our professionals can provide you with various gutter types like one piece gutters, two piece gutters, built-in gutters, and double bottom gutters.

We highly recommend that you avail of our professional services to help you keep your gutters in Minneapolis MN in best possible condition. For more information, feel free to call us at Garlock-French Corporation today.