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Gutter Maintenance: 2 Tips to Keep in Mind

We Minnesotans are definitely used to temperature extremes – from hot summers to freezing winters. But the temperature is not just the only thing we have to worry about. Especially during seasonal transitions, we also need to get ourselves used to shifting weather conditions including snow, sleet, ice, rain, thunderstorms, and fog.
These conditions can actually result in a number of problems in our homes, especially in our gutters and roofing in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, and White Bear Lake. Sleets and thunderstorms, for instance, can damage our gutters and we all know where this could lead to: water damage on our exterior walls, siding, fascia and soffit, landscape, and even the very foundation of our house.
With extreme weather conditions such as ours, we at Garlock-French Corporation, one of the leading roofing contractors in Minneapolis have to ask: do you have an action plan? One way of making sure your gutters are in the condition to withstand our harsh climate is to do a routine inspection. Keep these tips in mind:

1.    Clean your gutters regularly.This may be an unpleasant task to do but it is necessary. Make sure to use a sturdy ladder placed on level ground. Carefully climb the ladder and using your gloved hand, scoop out leaves, twigs, dirt, or any debris that may cause your gutter and downspout to clog. After cleaning a section of your gutter, make your way around your house and make sure that you cover every part of the gutter. Lastly, use a garden hose to wash down any remaining dirt or muck that may have gotten stuck on your gutter or downspout.

2.    Inspect the condition of your gutter. After cleaning, you can do a quick check-up on your gutters. Look out for holes or rusty sections. Make sure that all hangers are well spaced and properly attached to the fascia. See to it that the gutter and downspouts are tightly fastened together.

In case of damage like cracked or leaking gutters, call in a gutter expert such as Garlock-French Corporation to get your gutters fixed. Our roof and gutter professionals are the most qualified, certified, and experienced professionals in the industry. Just give us a call to know more about our company, products, and services.