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Getting Your Gutters Ready for the Winter as Early as Now

We advise you to have your Minneapolis gutters and roofing inspected today – before winter comes. Because you wouldn’t want to wait till colder temperatures start.

Snowfall in Minneapolis is on average at 60 inches to 70 inches annually. If blizzards and snow storms occur, they can bring in 3 inches to 10 inches of snow in a day or two. Worse than the cold, winters here are extensive. Yes, winter officially starts in December but Minnesotans usually experience the chilly grip of winter as early as November, and sometimes October! Because signs of spring usually start on March, we experience the cold for five to 5 months on average.

That’s why one of the things you have to make sure is condition of your gutters.

Melting snow and ice must freely flow into the downspouts and into the drains. You should clean your gutters now during the fall season when the weather is more tolerable. Fall also means that leaves and debris are clogging the gutters and the downspouts. Rain water could overflow from the gutters and run straight to the siding, fascia boards, or worse, to the interiors of your home.

Paying attention to your gutters isn’t just about making sure water drains away from your house. It also means preserving the structural integrity of your property by preventing bigger damage that may be caused by clogged gutters. It means keeping your home a comfortable place to stay in during winter. It means avoiding bigger expenses for repairs or replacement in the future.

For your roofing and gutter needs in Minneapolis, contact us at Garlock-French Corporation. Our roofing and gutter professionals are trained to install and repair copper, aluminum, or galvanized iron gutters in Minneapolis, White Bear Lake, and surrounding areas. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure that your roof and your gutters are going to be ready for the coming winter.