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Find Out How These 5 Elements Harm Your Roof

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How to Protect Your Roof

Your roof’s job is to protect your home, but who is protecting your roof? Many different elements can harm your roof and cause serious damage. In order to keep your roof in good condition, you must watch out for the following.

1. Trees

You may think that trees only damage your roof when limbs fall onto its surface. However, overhanging branches can damage the shingles. Even small punctures can allow water to pool under the shingles. Additionally, leaf piles on your roof may harbor mold.

2. Moss and Lichen

In the right conditions, moss and lichen may grow on your roof and decrease the lifespan of your roof. Both of these plants cause the underlying structure to start rotting. Additionally, moss usually absorbs water. When this water freezes in the winter, your shingles may sustain damage.

3. Moisture

Between snow, ice, and rain, your roof encounters a lot of moisture. Moisture can soak through the shingles and spur the growth of mold and mildew. Excess water may cause small leaks that can cause damage to your attic’s insulation. If you do not fix these problems, your house may develop structural damage over time.

4. Sun

Even the sun can take a toll on your roof. UV rays can cause the shingles to deteriorate over time. If the shingles sustain too much damage, they can no longer provide protection for your home. UV damage also makes the shingles even more susceptible to developing cracks that let in moisture.

5. Wind

Strong winds can also damage your roof. The wind usually lifts up the shingles and exposes the lining underneath to the elements. If water begins to pool on this lining, you may find yourself with several leaks.

If you realize that your roof has sustained damage from these elements, you need help from professionals. At Garlock-French Roofing, we can repair these issues promptly to prevent any further damage. Call 612-230-8351 or email us today for an estimate.