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Dark VS Light Roofs: Which Should You Choose?

dark roof vs light roof

As a homeowner, you have several choices when it comes to the color of your roof. If you’re remodeling your home or installing a new roof, you may feel overwhelmed by your options. At Garlock-French, we understand the importance of your roofing decision, and we are here to help you decide between dark and light roof colors.

What Do You Think About Contrast?

When it comes to roof design, you have to decide whether you like contrast or monochromatic homes. If you like contrast, you should have your roof color differ from the design features of your home. If you have light color trim, go with a dark roof.

However, if you like monochromatic, then you would try to match the siding to the roof. For example, a brown roof, brown siding, and other brown accents would create a monochromatic design.

How Does the Surrounding Environment Look?

Take a look at the area surrounding your home before you choose a color for your roof. For example, if you live in a colorful neighborhood, you may want a lighter roof color. If you have a more sunny, tropical theme to your home, do not go with black. However, if you like a more woodsy feel, you may want darker roofs to appear more like a cabin.

How Will the Color Affect Your Interior?

Many people worry that if they have a darker color roof, the temperature of their home may rise. Likewise, people may think that light colors provide cooler temperatures. Different aspects of your roof play an important role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, but the color of the roof is not one of them. The color is irrelevant if you have proper insulation.

At the end of the day, the color of your roof depends on your personal preference. If you are ready to remodel your roof, consult with Garlock-French Roofing as soon as possible. We aim to provide you with the best solutions for your home’s roof.