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Batten Down the Hatches By Securing Your Gutters Today

Severe weather can strike without warning often these days, even in quiet Minneapolis. When it does, are you sure your home can withstand the heavy downpour and the strong winds? Often times the only thing that stands between raging conditions and safety is our roof. But, there’s only so much it can do once the rain starts pounding away. Here are a few tips from to help you reduce the damage that may be caused by storms, and it all starts with a professional inspection:

    • Wear on your shingle roof: check for loose, broken or missing shingle tabs; cracks or curling shingles; or the majority of granules worn off tabs.
    • Roof penetrations: are they well-sealed and tight; are there gaps, signs of missing sealant, or badly deteriorated holes?
    • Off-ridge and ridge vents: are they well attached; if nails are used on the ridge vents, are they properly attached?
    • Leaks: Look for water stains on roof decking, including around the chimney, vents, pipes and valleys; also check for discolored roofing deck, rafters or trusses, or water stains on ceiling.

Identifying the potential causes of storm damage can go a long way to reduce further impairment. But like every superhero in a comic book, it needs a sidekick – your roof’s sidekick is your gutters.

So how does a gutter help reduce storm damage? Well, its primary task is to draw the water away from the roof and foundation of the house. If yours can’t do that, then you may find yourself with a heavily-water damaged roofing system, as well as a hefty repair bill to pay.

Investing in sturdy gutters in Minneapolis will help you in the long run. Consider contacting contractors like Garlock-French Corporation that will provide you with a wide array of gutter types such as One Piece, Two Piece, Built-in Gutters and Double Bottom Gutters. We will help you decide which is best suited to your home.

Remember, with unpredictable weather patterns nowadays, it always pays to be prepared. For more information on how your gutters in Minneapolis MN can help reduce storm damage, contact Garlock-French Corporation today!

(Article Excerpt from Hurricane Season Ready: Keeping a Roof Over Your Head,, June 12, 2013)