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3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

Summer is already behind us and now the cold winds are rising. Fall and winter are upon us. Have you started with your preparations? Is your home still in good condition to be able to withstand the weather extremes in fall, and most especially, in winter?

If your home has sustained damage in the past months, it’s time to put maintenance and repair on the priority list. Fortunately, it’s not too late for preparations and a few home improvement projects. Here are a few things you can do before the weather starts taking a turn for the worst:

  1.     Clear out the gutters – This can prevent problems like clogging, especially when the heavy rain pours down in fall. If the gutters are clogged, this causes more problems once the temperatures drop in winter. So clear those gutters of leaves, twigs, and silt.
  2.     Check the heating systems if they’re in working order – Inspect your home’s heating vents if they’re not blocked or covered. Do some cleaning so you can maximize the use of your heaters.
  3.     Check for drafty areas within the house – Examine cracks in windows and doors and act accordingly. If there is roof damage, it might be a good idea to hire roofing contractors in St. Paul MN like Garlock-French to come and take a look at the problem.

In particular, preparing your roof is an important roof to be ready for fall and winter. Your roofing in St. Paul is your primary line of defense against the weather. As such, leaving it in bad condition in fall and winter is definitely going to cause several problems.

By hiring us at Garlock-French to inspect the roof and conduct the necessary repairs, you’re already ensuring that your family stays safe and comfortable during fall and winter. You’re also ensuring that your power consumption remains at a minimum to keep the electric bill low.

For more information on fall and winter home preparedness, contact Garlock-French Corporation today!