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Tile Roofing for Beginners – Part III: Caring for Tile Roofing

In the last post, we discussed the main advantages of tile roofing. Foremost among the characteristics of tile roofing are durability and easy maintenance. Because roof tiles demand a lot less than do other roofing materials in terms of maintenance, you normally will need only to inspect the gutters, venting, and protrusion flashings on a periodic basis. Unlike other roofing materials, tile roofing doesn’t require regular painting, cleaning, or sealing of the entire roof surface, as other materials do.

Below are some basic maintenance tips for tile roofing that can help lengthen your roof system’s lifespan.

Visual inspection after major weather disturbances

Roofing contractors do the best they can when installing tile roofing. However, major weather disturbances may loosen tiles. After every major weather event, take the time to inspect your roof for any loose tiles so that they can be repaired or replaced if needed. Remember that small problems are easier to fix than larger ones, so act quickly!

Check the gutters regularly

Stagnant water in the gutters is often a result of a blocked drainage system. This will not only result in damage to the gutter system, but will also increase the risk of destroying the roof tiles and, consequently, the entire roof assembly. Furthermore, insects that breed in stagnant water can make you and your family susceptible to insect-borne diseases. Check your gutters at least once every quarter to ensure that water continues to flow through them freely.

Remove trees or tree branches near the roof

Roof tiles may be durable, but if there’s a tree branch that keeps hitting the roof every time the wind blows, it can cause quite a bit of damage to your tile. Trees near the home may look good, but it’s best if the branches are kept away from the roof. You’ll not only save on repair costs, but also on the number of times that you’ll need to clear your gutters in a year. Leaves are notorious when it comes to blocking gutters.

Schedule roof inspections

Tile roofs may sometimes have damage that is not visible during a walk-around. If you want to ensure that your roof is properly maintained, it’s best to schedule a roof inspection with a professional at least once a year. Roof inspections cost far less than would roof repair or replacement. If something does need to be repaired, at least you will have caught it early, before it has the chance to develop into a bigger (and more expensive) concern.