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A Comparison of Roofing Materials: What Suits You Best? – Part 3: Metal Roofing

Are you considering buying metal roofing for your home? If so, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons of metal against other more common roof materials. We offer here a closer look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing, which beats out a lot of more conventional roofing materials in several ways:

Metal Roofing

1. Considerable Lifespan. Resistance to fire and rot, and its ability to repel infiltration by insects makes metal one of your top smart roofing choices. Proper installation ensures that your metal roof can seal out water and can survive hail, snow, storms and strong winds. This is borne out by the fact that metal roofs typically enjoy lifespans of 50 to 60 years, with higher-end metal material choices like copper lasting for as long as 100 years or more.
2. Different Types. Metal roofs come in a variety of metals and alloys, including steel, aluminum, copper and zinc, among others. Steel needs to be coated with a special galvanic coating to protect against corrosion while aluminum, copper and zinc roofs do not require additional coating.
3. Price. Steel is often the metal material preferred for both residential and commercial applications. A steel standing seam roof starts at around $300 per square (100 square feet), with stone-coated steel starting at $350 to $425 per square and steel shingles running around $270 per square. A step up in quality, on the other hand, aluminum roofing costs about $100 more per square for both standing seam and metal shingles. Meanwhile, premium metals like copper and zinc can cost a whopping $900 to $1,400 per square – this is offset by the fact that copper roofs are the most durable and can last for hundreds of years.
There are few drawbacks to metal roofing, but they may be significant enough to make you think twice about using this material for your roofing.
1. Steep Initial Cost. Initial costs for metal roofing are high at about $150 to $600 per square (100 square feet). This means that if you’re looking at recovering your costs over the short term, you may be disappointed as you can’t realistically expect to recoup any reasonable returns for your metal roof in the first few years.
2. Noise. Some find the sound of raindrops tapping out a pattern on the roof romantic and soothing. Others find the ruckus untenable. To minimize or deaden noise, you may need to spend a bit more on sound-deadening insulation and solid plywood sheathing.
3. Denting. Large hailstones can dent aluminum and copper, which are softer than steel. Depending on its support structure, it may be possible to walk on some metal roofs, but not all. Metal can also be slippery when wet.
Getting a metal roof assures you of a high return on your initial investment and can greatly boost the value of your home. Metal roofing brings great benefits – besides solid protection, it offers enviable aesthetics that can enhance curb appeal as well as considerable energy savings to help you cope with the rising costs of energy today.

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