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The Truth Behind 5 Metal Roofing Myths

Investing in a metal roof is an ideal option. While it has its share of misconceptions floating around, this type of roofing can actually provide lasting weather protection and performance than other systems. Garlock-French Corporation, your reliable home improvement contractor, shares the truth about five common metal roofing myths.

Metal Roof Myths

1. Metal roofing runs the risk of lightning strikes. While metal conducts electricity, that doesn’t mean that it will draw lightning to it. In the event that it actually does, your metal roofing in MN will safely disperse that electrical energy safely through the structure. Its noncombustible properties also make it a safer option in thunderstorms than other roofing materials like wood.

2. Metal roofing is loud. This roof type is usually installed by attaching solid sheathing to the underlayment, which helps reduce noise. In fact, metal roofing has better noise control than asphalt shingles in the event of rain and hailstorms.

3. Metal roofing easily fails under harsh weather. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, this excellent option can provide lasting protection against extreme weather like hail, high winds, and heavy snow. It will take a large-sized hail to even dent a metal roof. In addition, metal roof systems now feature 120-mph wind rating. With its superior durability, a metal roof can last up to 50 years.

4. Metal roofing draws excessive heat. You won’t have to worry about maintain cooler interior during summer months. Metal roofing reduces heat gain in your home due to reflective and energy-saving properties. This ensures a more pleasant indoor environment without the costly energy bills.

5. Metal roofing encourages rust formation. Today’s metal roofing usually comes in metallic coating made from zinc, or a composite of zinc and aluminum. This prevents rusts from forming. Adding paint over the metallic coat then provides the durable color that homeowners prefer.

If you’re looking for lovely and durable roofing in St. Paul for your home, choose Garlock-French Corporation’s metal roof systems. With our expert team, we’ll make sure your metal roof maximizes your home’s weather protection, comfort, and energy efficiency.

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