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5 Features and Benefits of Our Custom Sheet Metal Products

Custom sheet metal has traditionally been used as a roofing material. Nowadays, this material has been used in both residential and commercial settings more frequently. Garlock-French Corporation is one of the few roofing contractors who offer the variety of metal roofing services. Here are the features and benefits of our custom sheet metal products.

  1. Wide selection of metals – Where most roofing contractors can only offer galvanized or stainless steel as options, we also offer other materials such as aluminum and copper. Each type of metal has its own set of benefits that will fit any homeowner’s needs.

  2. Customization options – Most people tend to envision standing seam when talking about metal roofing. While not a bad choice in itself, our wide selection of roofing material options mean that you can consider other styles like metal tile, shingles, or copper roofing. Other applications include custom gutter lengths and shapes, gutter protection systems, and decorative metal accents on windows and doors.

  3. Lightweight – Sheet metal is the ideal roofing material if you’re looking for a lighter yet durable option. It’s on par with the strength of tile or slate yet is much lighter. This means you won’t need to spend extra on modifying your roof deck.

  4. Aesthetically pleasing – The right choice of custom metal roof and accents can significantly boost your home’s or property’s curb appeal without sacrificing functionality. For instance, copper roofing develops a distinct blue-green patina in as little as six months after installation, which looks beautiful as it ages.

  5. Energy-efficient – Sheet metal roofs can be coated with a cool finish that reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the roof. This helps you save on your energy bills by helping reduce your indoor cooling requirements.

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