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Ways We Keep your Gutters Healthy

Your gutter system plays a big role in protecting your home from water damage. For them to efficiently do their job, you must keep them healthy and clog-free. Cleaning gutters, however, is a stressful task. Fortunately, Garlock-French Corporation offers top-quality protection for your Minneapolis gutters.

Gutter healthy

With our different options for gutter protection, you would never have to unclog your gutters again. Here are our three effective solutions for your gutter systems:


Our filter protection is similar to a screen cover. Their only difference is that our filters occupy an area of your gutters. It can efficiently keep leaves and debris out, while letting the water pass through freely, resulting in a healthy, working gutter. For a high-quality filter protection, we use only Leaf Defier.


Our screen option covers your entire gutter system, keeping the leaves and all sorts of debris out. A small opening allows water to drip down and flow freely. With a cover on top of your gutters, leaves and twigs stay on top of the system until they dry out and get blown away by wind. To keep your gutters in Minneapolis clog-free and healthy, we use Gutter Shingle for screen protection.

Reverse Flow

Similar to our screen option, our reverse flow protection covers your gutters. This also features a slit near the lip of the gutter where water could flow through. When leaves fall on the cover, they either stick to the edge or are simply washed off by rainwater. The remaining leaves and debris are blown away by the wind once dry.

If you cannot decide on a gutter protection system for your home, you can turn to the expert Garlock-French Corporation for help. We will recommend a protection system perfect for your gutters in Minneapolis, MN, that suits your needs. We also offer efficient gutter cleaning services to get rid of clogs.

Call us at (612) 722-7129 to learn more about our gutter services and start protecting your gutters today.