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metal roofing

Winter Roofing Issues: What to Look For

Issues to Keep an Eye On This Winter Winter weather can wreak havoc on your roof. Unfortunately, winter is also the time of year that you rely on your roof most. In order to make it through the winter with a roof over your head, you must keep an eye out for the following issues.

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roofing contractor working on slate roof

How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

Steps for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor Bad roofing can spell disaster for the health and safety of your home and loved ones. Improper installation or haphazard repairs will cost you again and again. This is why roof repairs and new installations should be performed by the right contractor. But how do you find the…

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roof with snow on it in winter

3 Tips To Maintain Your Roof This Winter

Winter Roofing Maintenance The best way to protect your roof through the winter is to take preventative measures before winter hits. While this is sometimes possible, there are other times you’re in the middle of a snow storm when you realize there’s a problem. Fortunately, we have some ideas for helping you maintain your roof…

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roof in the winter

Get the Roof Ready for Winter, Before It’s Too Late

Prepare Your Roof For Winter With winter right around the corner, you need to prepare your home for harsh weather conditions. If your roof hasn’t given you any issues, you might not be too worried. However, there are plenty of roofing issues that become apparent after the moisture comes and you start noticing leaks. Instead…

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Gutters with leaves in them

Get Your Gutters Ready for the Fall Season

Are Your Gutters Ready? It’s hard to believe how quickly summer breezed by to make way for the fall. Like most homeowners, you probably have your hands full preparing your home for the changing weather. As you are completing these fall maintenance tasks, don’t forget to clean the gutters. Failure to do so could cause…

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Damaged Roof Shingle

How to Inspect Your Roof Following a Major Storm

Post-Storm Roof Inspections The unpredictability of mother na